Looking for a CRO who has the know-how to make your
trial work in times of uncertainty?

Aperio can help.

Now, more than ever, you need an experienced partner you can trust to not only accurately assess risk and have mitigations in place, but also be agile and adapt where needed to keep your trials moving forward. 

Concerned with what launching a clinical trial looks like in this new terrain?
While the initial reverberations of the COVID-19 impact on clinical research are starting to lessen as the industry adapts, there remain lingering effects and uncertainties that can present too many ‘question marks’ for comfort. Aperio can help address these uncertainties, whether it’s providing you with real-life situations at sites or anticipating what endpoints could be at risk with (or without) a new wave. Our team’s average of over 17 years’ experience in the industry coupled with our culture of risk based quality management means our tool belt is chock-full of ‘what ifs’ that guide our mitigation planning.

Worried about not having visibility into the status of your study?
Nobody likes to feel in the dark, in particular during times of uncertainty. Aperio gives our sponsors access to all of our study management systems – what we see, you see.  Add to that robust metrics reporting across all functional areas, continuous risk review, transparent invoicing, and an ‘open door’ policy all the way up to the CEO, and it’s clear that being ‘in the dark’ is not something you will experience with Aperio as your study partner.

Uneasy about your CRO being able to adapt to the new research environment?
Let’s face it – our industry is evolving.   You need a CRO that adapts with the changes, without the red tape and bureaucracy that breed stagnation.  Aperio’s size, experience, and synergistic teams allow us the ability to implement change and adapt to whatever comes our way.  Combine this with our dedication to quality, and you get a CRO that can pivot when needed and have documentation to tell the story.

Want to find out more about how Aperio can make your trial work?  Let’s talk.

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