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SCOPE 2022: Our RBQM Wish List

Cari KniolaSenior Director, Corporate Strategy
February 2, 2022

Get ready SCOPE, here we come!

My esteemed colleague Suzanne Kincaid and I are very excited to be attending SCOPE 2022 next week in Orlando. We are eager for so many things – hearing the different takes on the new and exciting things going on in clinical research, reconnecting with industry colleagues, exploring new vendor partnerships and visiting with current vendors, and finally getting to interact with people in real life! (And personally, coming from the Chicago area, I am SUPER stoked about some warm weather!) In the excel spreadsheet I put together of the talks we are attending (nerd alert) there is an overarching theme that is impossible to miss. We are diving into Risk Based Quality Management at SCOPE 2022, and we are diving in deep.

RBQM runs in the blood of Aperio and everything we do. As a CRO that is dedicated to quality and transparency, it’s not a surprise that we go with RBQM like peas and carrots (or coffee and cream, gin and tonic, Han and Leia, take your pick). We have spent years perfecting processes and finding ways to use RBQM and our programmed data analytics to dig into our clinical development studies and make the details of their data and execution more clear than ever before. So often we hear from our clients that they were disappointed with past CROs because they didn’t find out issues with their study until it was too late, or their CRO partner didn’t anticipate risks, or if risks were realized there wasn’t a plan for mitigation. We’re breaking that chain of disappointment for our sponsors, and RBQM is playing a huge part in the success.

So what RBQM nuggets do want to get out of SCOPE 2022 this year?  I have some ideas…

  1. Get the latest on industry RBQM adoption and where folks are in the process
  2. Talk with our peers about their RBQM journey – implementation struggles, learning curves, technology snags, success stories. It is fascinating to see the myriad of ways companies have incorporated RBQM into their study execution.
  3. Explore how data analytics is merging with the overarching RBQM process outside of the standard KPIs and QTLs
  4. Get the scoop on small, early phase studies and incorporating RBQM and data analytics. (A hint – we think it’s super important!)

Of course we’re looking forward to having fun, too!  Dinners, lunches, TopGolf – we’re squeezing what we can into a few packed days!  We’ll be networking, we’ll be learning, it will be awesome.

Check back for SCOPE follow-ups, and follow Suzanne and me on LinkedIn for real-time feedback.

Are you going to SCOPE 2022?  I hope the answer is yes, and we hope to see you there!

Cari Kniola

Senior Director, Corporate Strategy

Cari’s role in Corporate Strategy includes oversight of marketing and proposals, and working with the C-Suite in developing and executing strategic corporate development and growth.

Cari has over 22 years of clinical research experience in both pharmaceutical and medical device studies. During her career she has served in various roles, including study coordinator, field based CRA, clinical trial manager and eight years in project management. Her operations experience included roles with sites, sponsors and CROs, and she understands the challenges that each face. For the last two years, Cari’s role has focused on the corporate side of clinical research, using her operations experience and business acumen to drive proposals, marketing and corporate strategies.

When not planning Aperio’s next move, Cari spends her free time strolling on the Lake Michigan shoreline, hiking in the Indiana Dunes and fulfilling her obsession with LEGOs.



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