How We Work

What Matters Most

We aren’t your typical CRO, so we don’t have a mission statement located on our website that no one knows about or a set of company values plastered to our office wall collecting dust.

But what we do have is a list of traits that we believe embody who we are and guide our interactions with our employees, sponsors and sites on a daily basis. Because at the end of the day, it’s not what we do that’s matters most, but how we do it.


Of all the character traits that we believe embody who we are, none are as important as the role as advocate.

We are an advocate for our sponsors, making sure their studies get the attention that they deserve.

We are an advocate for our sites, providing them with the resources and training they need to succeed.

And we are an advocate for our employees, ensuring they feel valued, heard and invested in.

Trustworthy and Transparent

At Aperio, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our sponsors and our employees. That’s why we don’t just take on any work but look for those opportunities that are a good fit. By aligning ourselves with the right opportunities, we can ensure that we provide the highest level of service to our sponsors while providing fulfilling work for our employees.

We also believe in being transparent with our sponsors about their study and providing them with access to the tools, data and visualizations that ensure they experience a comprehensive, real-time view of their study.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

There’s nothing quite as important as the experience and the chemistry of the project team when it comes to the success of a clinical study. That’s why at Aperio, we hire some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry. Project team members who have experienced just about every study challenge imaginable and know not only what to anticipate but how to navigate or avoid potential problems altogether. And the best part is that the project team you meet is the project team you keep – which means more synergies and less disruptions for your clinical trial.

Committed to Quality

Yes, quality should be a given. But if we’ve noticed anything in our years in clinical research, it’s that the art of providing high quality service and deliverables cannot be assumed. A passion for quality, an attentive eye and a service mindset is not something that can generally be taught. That’s why when we are recruiting for new team members, we aren’t just looking at the usual qualifications like a particular degree or a certain number of years of experience in a given job. We evaluate the character and work ethic of an individual to ensure they embody the values and commitment to quality service that we are passionate about and that our sponsors have come to expect.

Agile and Empowering

Sometimes the bigger a company gets, the more bureaucratic and cumbersome the processes can get. While more processes are good for making sure things are done efficiently and consistently, they can also bring limitations and result in costly delays.

At Aperio, we have processes and procedures – to be sure. But rather than restrict our employees to a checklist, we empower them to think outside-the-box and present our sponsors with flexible, creative solutions to any study challenges that may arise. By remaining agile, we are able to solve problems in innovative ways – making our sponsors happy. But it also provides satisfying work for our employees because they are empowered to develop innovative solutions that challenge their mind and inspire them to be the best they can be.


You won’t find silos at Aperio. Collaboration is at the heart of who we are and everything we do. On a daily basis, you will find our employees working hard to bring their very best to our sponsors’ clinical trials. You will find us in project team meetings in a conference room, reviewing data visualizations on a zoom call, or working on personal development growth plans in a one-to-one.

But our collaboration doesn’t stop there. When needed, we roll up our sleeves and jump in to help a colleague meet a deadline or a project team achieve a deliverable. And our culture of caring goes far beyond the daily demands of our work. We celebrate birthdays together, comfort one another during a time of loss, come together for departmental summits, and gather annually to have fun and celebrate all of our hard work.

Dedicated and Responsive

It’s disheartening to sometimes hear our sponsors talk about the poor quality service they’ve received from another provider. Not being able to get in touch with team members. Learning about study problems after it’s already too late to resolve them. Experiencing a bait and switch with the study team. Trust us, we understand. Most of us once worked at a big CRO and were disenchanted with the lack of resources, unreasonable workloads, poor quality and lack of attention we were able to give to our sponsors.

That’s why we’re now at Aperio. We’re passionate about giving the very best service to our sponsors’ clinical trial programs and are now in a place where we can. In addition to governance calls and ongoing meetings with the project team, we give you full access to our CEO and COO at any time. We are here to listen and dedicated to giving you and your study the attention it deserves.


The drug development industry has been cranking out clinical trials for several decades now, so there’s little novel about the ‘ins and outs’ of managing a clinical study these days. It’s also no secret that the drug development industry is conservative and slow to adopt new approaches. It was only recently, with the onset of the global pandemic, that we finally began to witness the industry begin to take advantage of decentralized trials, remote technologies and risk based quality management techniques.

But good enough is never enough for Aperio. Our small size and agile culture enables us to think outside-the-box, to ask “why” and to be creative. We are continuously challenging ourselves – pandemic or not – to discover new and better ways to conduct clinical trials – whether it’s making research participation easier for sites, clinical trial enrollment and engagement easier for patients, or clinical trial oversight, reporting and risk management easier for sponsors.