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Focused on people. Committed to transparency.

January 23, 2018

Aperio Clinical Outcomes provides full, customizable clinical research services across multiple therapeutic areas. We provide what sponsors need most in today’s new world of healthcare: intelligence, honesty, and agility. We deliver comprehensive clinical research services with unmatched transparency.

In an industry flooded with data, metrics, and technology, it can be easy to compromise, or to lose focus on the most important part of the process: people. Without clear, open communication between everyone involved — and a shared understanding of goals, priorities and challenges — studies are compromised before they even begin.

And in an industry where quality is not only expected but mandated, it can be easy to lose sight of what it takes to separate the exceptional from the merely acceptable. Without an understanding of the tangible building blocks of a demonstrably excellent process, “quality” is just another buzzword.

So at Aperio, we’ll tell you plainly what we’re going to do: build the right team, establish strong relationships with sites and sponsors, and commit to open, honest interaction every step of the way. And then we’ll do it, always keeping the human element at the fore. That’s how we deliver the results our clients demand.

Assemble the right team.

Aperio’s core team of clinical research professionals have more than 90 years of combined, diverse therapeutic experience, with exceptional depth in CNS, Oncology, and Medical Device.

Our project teams are built carefully and strategically. It’s not about assigning any available warm body, but giving seasoned pros a reason to opt in — to make the affirmative choice to use their deep experience to meet the unique needs of each study.

Because of this, we’re able to keep a well-trained eye on every aspect of a study, and make sure that quality measures are never compromised. We pay attention to details, own our processes, and adapt quickly to changes — to ensure protocol and SOP compliance, and see to it that ICH-GCP standards are met. The result? In our latest Global Program, we successfully took a compound from IND to FDA approval.

Most important, our collaborative environment empowers and holds all team members accountable to our high standards. No one passes the buck; adherence to quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Make the most of every site.

To maximize the success of a study, it’s crucial to engage top-performing sites. What’s equally crucial is fostering and supporting healthy relationships between the site, CRO, and sponsor. Sites value experience, efficiency, transparency, support, and collaboration, and how those needs are met inevitably impacts subject recruitment and the overall quality of a study.

How does Aperio address this? Our well-established history of strong site relationships is based on doing all of the hard but essential tasks — from aligning project teams therapeutically to minimizing turnover to streamlining communication. And we conduct site surveys after every project, looking for any and every opportunity to strengthen bonds and improve operations.

We also know that experienced, therapeutically aligned professional CRAs are a key link in the chain of open communication — critical for building and maintaining both site relationships and data quality.

In short, sites know they can rely on us. And in turn, our clients know they can, too.

Be absolutely clear.

Transparency is at the core of how we conduct clinical trials. This means:

  • Being honest about what we can and cannot do
  • Readily communicating accurate and complete information
  • Delivering hard truths about what will and won’t work
  • Providing accurate metrics on study status — positive or negative
  • Providing honest projections related to lagging milestones, regardless of rationale
  • Applying experience-based predictive analysis to sidestep foreseeable hurdles
  • Taking proactive measures to reduce adverse outcomes and mitigate current risk
  • Owning up to our mistakes, with each other and with our clients
  • Being clear about current project status and how we’ll get to the finish line

Experience has taught us that being open and honest, following through on what we say, and valuing and supporting people at every step creates successful and lasting relationships. Our business was built on those principles, and they guide the work we do every day – work that’s led to strong long-term relationships (some spanning more than 20 years), and a repeat business rate of greater than 90%.

Let’s talk honestly about what your people and our people can do together to save and improve lives.

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About Aperio Clinical Outcomes

Aperio Clinical Outcomes provides full, customizable clinical research services across multiple therapeutic areas. Dedicated to transparent interactions with clients, Aperio also offers consulting services in Quality Assurance, Strategic Resourcing, and practical application of the latest Clinical Trial Technology.

In an industry flooded with data, metrics and technology, Aperio remains steadfastly focused on the most important part of the process: people. From start-up to close out and every point in between, Aperio works with its partners to deliver outcomes that will improve patient care and save lives.

Aperio Clinical Outcomes.
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