Aperio’s COO Suzanne Kincaid featured in “Conversations in Clinical Trial Readiness” Series by ArcheMedX

Suzanne Kincaid, COO of Aperio, was recently interviewed with Kelly Ritch from ArcheMedX as part of their “Conversations in Clinical Trial Readiness” series.

When asked about Aperio’s plans for optimizing clinical development processes in the future, Suzanne says, “In 2020, our focus is going to be on more analytics and centralized monitoring. It doesn’t eliminate the need for on-site monitors; we will just use them more for the skills and strengths they have rather than having very highly skilled professionals checking transcriptions.”

Suzanne also says, “I’ve seen a lot of changes in clinical trials in the past 25 years, and I’m really excited about the advances and the technology enabling them, but the human aspect – the relationships, the experience, and the job knowledge – can’t be overlooked.”

Throughout the interview, Suzanne discusses challenges within the clinical trial industry, how Aperio hurdles those challenges, and how the rise of analytics and technology can help with trial efficiency while still keeping that human touch.  Click here to read the full interview!