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Aperio Data Management Experts to Present at SCDM 2022

August 15, 2022

SCDM 2022

Aperio’s Data Management experts have been selected to participate in three presentations or roundtable discussions during the annual  2022 Society for Data Management (SCDM) conference September 11-14 in San Antonio, TX.

Kathleen Tolar

Kathleen Tolar

Aperio’s Lead Data Manager Kathleen McEwen Tolar will co-present with Merck & Co’s Diego Alejandro Gayon on “Measuring and Maintaining High Quality on Clinical Trial Data. Is CDM Doing Enough?” With the proposed modernization of ICH E8 and the “fit-for-purpose data quality” as one of the essential considerations for clinical trials, the industry is reassessing the investment of efforts for Clinical Trial Data quality assurance and control. During her presentation, Kathleen and Diego will aim to share and discuss evolving approaches to measure, control and improve the quality of Clinical Trial Data from a Clinical Data Management perspective.

SCDM 2022

Stacey King

Aperio’s Senior Director Data Management Stacey King will participate in 2 presentations. The first is the “Selected Shorts – Masters of Innovation” series along with Carol Schaffer, Director, Program Lead at Pfizer and Luke Gregory, Director, Clinical Systems at ICON. Following brief presentations, attendees will join in round-table discussions with the presenters about topics like Fast Track Database Build, the Evolution of System Testing, Aligning iRECIST with Design and Data Collection Standards, CDM-Lab Collaboration, and Rapid Adoption of RBQM.

Additionally, Stacey – along with Tanya du Plessis of Bioforum the Data Masters, Alanna Slaeker of Pfizer and Maria Cecilia Tamashiro of MSD – will participate in a Roundtable Discussion titled “RBQM: Kicking the Can Down the Road OR Smart/Efficient Focused Reviews?”

All three presentations / round tables are scheduled for Tuesday, September 13th.

Learn more about the SCDM 2022 conference here.

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