Aperio Hires CAR-T Trials Expert Jonathan Yusi to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Studies

January 31, 2020 – RTP, NC – Aperio Clinical Outcomes, a leading clinical research organization (CRO), announced today that Jonathan Yusi, an expert in the coordination and management of cell and gene therapy clinical trials, has joined the company as Senior Clinical Trials Manager to support their biotechnology clients in the immuno-oncology space.

Yusi has been managing immune-based therapy trials for over seven years. Prior to joining Aperio, he was a program manager for CAR-T studies and oversaw the first CAR-T program at a large CRO. He has provided independent trial management consulting for CAR-T trials, and his expertise has resulted in lasting KOL relationships within the immuno-oncology space. In addition to his adoptive cell therapy knowledge, Yusi brings over 20 years of clinical research experience to Aperio, with a focus on trial logistics, management, and monitoring of targeted and immune therapies in oncology trials.

Says Suzanne Kincaid, Aperio’s COO and an oncology industry veteran herself, “FDA expects to see over 200 INDs for cell and gene therapies in 2020, so it is imperative that our biotech clients have expertise like Jonathan’s to manage their trials. He has a strong understanding of the complexities of cell and gene therapy studies and can break down the components for ideal study set-up. We are so excited to have Jonathan help our immuno-oncology clients as they explore these groundbreaking treatments.”

“Cell and gene therapy trials are a logistical maze, and one missed endpoint can be catastrophic to the study,” says Yusi. “These programs allow me to utilize everything I’ve learned about clinical research and oncology, and my medical and scientific background brings an understanding to the science behind the treatments. The bulk of my career has involved oncology trials, so as the treatments have evolved and become more personalized, my experience has evolved as well. These are life-saving breakthroughs, and I’m happy to bring this experience to Aperio and our immune-based therapy clients.”

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