Mike FerreeHeadshot

Mike Ferree

Architecture Director, Data Analytics

As the guru of Aperio’s research analytics and the mastermind behind RBQM programming, Mike spends his days finding new and exciting ways to take data and make it tell a story.

Mike has over 15 years of experience in clinical research analysis. He has contributed statistical and programming support to over 200 clinical trials in over a dozen therapeutic areas. He has managed and developed teams and technology for randomization, supply management, data cleaning, monitoring, study analysis and trial metrics. He is passionate about providing useful reports and analytics, to identify trends earlier, correct data issues earlier and provide a better overall picture of the safety and efficacy of the product or device being studied.

When Mike isn’t knee-deep in data, he enjoys deep sea fishing off the coast of North Carolina, going on disaster relief trips to help rebuild communities impacted by natural disasters and spending time with his family.