Faye Woolf

Chief Executive Officer

  • FOCUS: Provides vision, strategic leadership, oversight, and direction for Aperio; sets the course for organizational success; establishes short-term and long-range goals and strategies; implements plans and policies; maintains overall operational and fiscal oversight; builds and develops successful teams; promotes an atmosphere of transparency, collaboration, and accountability throughout the company and to customers.
  • KNOWN AS: “The Fashionista”
  • EXPERIENCE: Entrepreneur and business executive with over 25 years of experience in Clinical Trials. She successfully built and sold multiple companies, including The Woolf Group and Trio Clinical Research (which became part of Aptiv Solutions). Her industry experience, business expertise, intuitive nature, and, most important, her ability to connect with people, define what she has created in Aperio Clinical Outcomes.
  • GOOD TO KNOW: She had two horses that went to the Olympics.
  • IN HER OWN WORDS: “God love her….” “Lori, it’s not thaaaat late; we can stay.”