Cari Kniola

Director, Corporate Strategy

  • FOCUS: Finding new and exciting ways to spread the word about Aperio’s awesomeness, and using her 20+ years of clinical operations experience to find novel ways to enrich client services.
  • KNOWN AS: “The Word Smith” and “Zen”
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years in clinical development for medical device and pharma, served as Secretary on the Board of Directors and provided marketing and copy writing for two family businesses, and had a brief stint as a media director at an advertising agency. Started out her research career as a Vet Tech at Purdue Small Animal Hospital acting as a study coordinator for a clinical study in cats with interstitial cystitis! (Go Boilers!)
  • GOOD TO KNOW: She is obsessed with Legos and The Avengers, is a proud space nerd, has a group of Tibetan monks at her house for a couple of weeks a year, and plays music way too loud (according to her family).
  • IN HER OWN WORDS: “Dude. That was awesome.”